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                COOK Medical Visited IPPR Engineering For Cooperation

                By LXS   2012/2/8


                On February 8th, Mr. Daniel Young the sales president of Asia-Pacific Area of COOK Medical visited IPPR Engineering to discuss possible cooperation for exploration of market opportunities of COOK products.

                Mr. Jiang Shengyuan the vice general manager of IPPR Engineering welcomed Mr. Daniel. On the meeting, Mr. Daniel explained the company’s plan of introducing its aortic intervention products (thoracic endovascular graft, AAA endovascular graft etc.) again to Beijing Fuwai Hospital. Mr. Jiang Shengyuan introduced to Mr. Daniel Young the history, business and achievements of IPPR as well as the company’s strength in marketing the products. The two parties reached basic agreement over the cooperation mode and exchanged opinions on several details in future cooperation.

                COOK Medical was established in 1963 and is one of the largest private medical device companies in the world. By cooperating with COOK Medical, IPPR would like to explore new business area and create more value for the company.



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